Jeffco Digital Tools Summit

Breakout EDU Digital

Come try the digital version of the immersive learning platform Breakout EDU where players use clues to break into a digital locked box. You must bring a laptop or a Chromebook to this session. You can play collaboratively or solo. We will also learn how to create our own Breakout EDU digital games.

Breakout EDU Digital Presentation

Quick Documentation with Google Forms

In this session, we'll build a very simple Google Form. Teachers and administrators can use this specific workflow for quick documentation of observations. After capturing the notes in a Form, we'll organize and analyze the data in a Google Sheet. Finally, we'll add the Form to your smart phone for even faster data collection. If you are new to forms and want to walk away with one you can use in school on Monday, you'll enjoy this hour.

How To Use Google Forms for Quick Documentation

Deep Dive into Google Drive - Tips and Tricks for Efficiency

In this session, we'll explore all my favourite tips and tricks to make Google Drive work for you! You'll learn hot keys, organization strategies, helpful extensions, and more.

Hidden Treats in G Suite

Read & Write for Google for Everyone

Learn how to personalize the accessibility for your students with Read & Write for Google. In this session, we'll move through a series of challenges together and explore all the features of this powerful assistive technology from Texthelp. If you'd prefer to move at your own pace, you'll have access to all the challenges to jump ahead or slow down. It is recommended that you already have experience using Google Docs to make the most out of this session.

How To Use Read and Write for Google