Let's Build an Elevator to the Moon!

As children, anything is possible and our imaginations span as wide as the universe. As we grow, the wonder of childhood fades, and the realities of the world limit our dreams. Let’s explore what we need to find possibility within the impossible and maybe even build an elevator to the moon!

60 minutes

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Have An Aha? Give It A Go!

Based on the premise of their podcast (Shukes and Giff), Kim Pollishuke and Jen Giffen will challenge the audience to question why they have not acted on moments of inspiration, consider the missed opportunity for impact and what could be. Peppered with dad jokes and personal stories, they hope to inspire people to “give it a go” no matter how big or small.

60 minutes

Can you hear me now?: Leveraging Technology to Amplify Student Voice

Students today are desperate for their voices to be heard. But what is Student Voice exactly? I define it as a combination of choice, reach and change. I will share stories of students who use their voice to have choice in the direction of their learning, to reach a larger audience with their questions and ideas and to make true and signifiant change in their world.

5 minute Ignite

Breakout EDU fever has caught the educational landscape! After my first Breakout EDU experience, I immediately recognized the incredible potential it has to initiate a philosophical change in mindset. Breakout EDU presents learners with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. I’ll share how this gaming movement has shifted student learning and professional development to one that emphasizes critical thinking, communication, resiliency, problem-solving and collaboration.

5 minute Ignite

Rule #6

Have you ever been so mad at yourself for making a mistake? Do you think it's going to be the end of your world? This ignite explores how I learned to deal with my mistakes by following "Rule #6".

*It's missing the first minute but you'll get the picture. :)

5 minute Ignite