Maskwacis Custom Summit Sessions

From Word To Docs

In this session, we’ll explore how Google Docs is a logical next step from Microsoft Word. We’ll look at all of its features (table of contents, columns, explore, document outline, voice typing, suggestion mode, etc.) and then how you can use Docs to create a collaborative environment in your junior and intermediate classrooms. As well, we’ll explore how some of the features in Google Docs will help you improve your ability to provide students with targeted descriptive feedback.

How To Use Google Docs

Quick Documentation with Google Forms

In this session, we'll build a very simple Google Form. Teachers and administrators can use this specific workflow for quick documentation of observations. After capturing the notes in a Form, we'll organize and analyze the data in a Google Sheet. Finally, we'll add the Form to your smart phone for even faster data collection. If you are new to forms and want to walk away with one you can use in school on Monday, you'll enjoy this hour.

How To Use Google Forms for Quick Documentation

Supercharge Student Voice with Flipgrid

In this session participants will be introduced to Flipgrid, the video discussion tool that supercharges your students’ voices. Learn how to document conversation data in ways that engage students and inspire creativity.

How To Use Flipgrid