Minnesota Summit Sessions

Put Students' Stories on the Map...Literally!

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to help your students tell their stories? Do you want to help your students put their stories on the map...literally. In this session, we will learn how to use Google Tour Creator, Google Tour Builder, Google My Maps and Google Earth for storytelling. You will leave with interactive and innovative lesson ideas that you can implement with your students right away. **This session requires a laptop or a Chromebook."

Put Students’ Stories On The Map...Literally
How To Use Streetview in Sites
Storytelling with Google Sites
How To Use Google My Maps

Supercharge Student Voice with Flipgrid

In this session participants will be introduced to Flipgrid, the video discussion tool that supercharges your students’ voices. Learn how to document conversation data in ways that engage students and inspire creativity.

How To Use Flipgrid

Breakout EDU Digital

Come try the digital version of the hit game Breakout EDU where players look for clues to solve a number of puzzles. In this session we will play in teams to see who can best work collaboratively to be the first team to break out. We will also learn how to create our own Breakout EDU Digital games.

Breakout EDU Digital Presentation

Money and Games

Check out 2 Multimedia Text Sets on Financial Literacy and Games in the classroom

Gaming in the Classroom MMTS
Financial Literacy Resources MMTS

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