docAppender for Descriptive Feedback

Are you like me and love Google Forms but feel a bit sick when reading the data on a Google Sheet? The Google Forms add-on DocAppender is just what the doctor ordered! In this session, you will learn how to push all the data you collect from a Form into its Sheet AND into a specific Google Doc. DocAppender appends Google Form responses to the bottom of selected Google Documents right in your own Drive. When the hour is up, you’ll have your own workflow in place and practical applications for your classroom. Whether it’s for observations, conversations or assessment and evaluation, docAppender is the add-on for you. My two personal favourite applications are using docAppender in FDK for documentation and in intermediate math for sharing descriptive feedback with students.

PLEASE NOTE: You must bring a laptop to this session in addition to a class list. iPads will not work for this application.


How To Use docAppender