Part 1: What exactly is twitter?

Are you scared of Twitter because you really just do not understand what it is all about? Are your peers telling you to check a # and you smile because as far as you are concerned, the # is simply the number sign? This is the session for you!

In this session, inspired by @RoyanLee, you will experience everything that Twitter is without ever touching technology! Using just post-it notes, we will simulate the Twitter experience. You will leave understanding the meaning of a tweet, RT, reply, @mention, DM, favourite and of course, # (hashtag).

NOTE: We will not be creating a Twitter account in this session. You will, however, leave with a resource to support you when you are ready to create one.

Part 2: Setting up & using your account

Are you looking to connect with educators beyond the walls of your school? Are you looking for inspiration? Are you looking for strategies to give your students an authentic world audience? You might consider creating a Twitter account for yourself or for your class. This session will take you step-by-step through setting up a Twitter account. We’ll learn about hashtags, retweets, @mentions and more. Finally, we’ll discuss how you might use Twitter in the classroom with your students or as a professional learning tool.

#Twitter4Beginners Slide Deck